Buwan Ng Wika Celebration

I had a great time yesterday. It was Buwan ng Wika celebration in my kids’ school. I had fun taking photos of the kids and capturing their energy. I will post more pictures tomorrow. Since I knew I will take a lot of photos, I decided to wear a shorts instead of my usual maternity dress. I had fun sitting on the floor and taking a lot of shots. I had fun kneeling, looking for the right angle. Later, that day, I had cramps. Slept the whole day. Sati was tired. (sorry ate Cathy.. was not able to post the pics yesterday.. just give you a copy next week) I was on blog off yesterday. I shall not wear shorts again! I remember when I was pregnant with Chico, I used to wear shorts a week before I gave birth. I think I am bigger now compared to last year. waaah!

I was looking for my photo one week before I give birth to Chico and I can’t find it.. this is what I got instead:

Anyway, even my OB commented on my figure, wahaha (don’t take it personally.. she is my OB for 6 years now). Had my pre natal check up a while ago. we talked about ligation and epidural. I will post about it later and I hope you won’t cringe as much as I did.


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