Hot Parenting Tip: Great Summer Fun Ideas

Our summer days started a day after recognition/graduation last week. As soon as they woke up and realized there’s no more school that day, they started wondering what they can do this summer. Oh, I wanted to sing Phineas and Ferb theme song to them:

Theres 104 Days of Summer Vacation,
And School comes along just to End it.
So the Annual Problem for our Generation,
Is finding a good way to Spend it.

and I would want them to be creative like Phineas and Ferbs, but I don’t think I can handle a rocket or a mummy or Nanobots! So before our kids start building their own rocker or climb up the Eiffel Tower, let’s share great Summer Fun Ideas that our kids can do this summer.

Swimming Party!

of course.. summer is all bout swimming, schedule a playdate where your kids and their friends can have a swimming party on your backyard. And that’s what we did last Sunday. We had a Halo-Halo/ swimming party. And the kids had so much fun, good thing Levy brought another pool :) (hindi sila nagkasya sa pool namin!)

 Swimming party is a great way to enhance your kids’ social skill and locomotion. The fun in swimming can keep your kids busy for a day or two as the experience gives them a lot of things to talk about.

Board Games

Board games were popular during our time.. we used to spend hours playing scrabble or monopoly and I wanted my boys to experience the same. A few months ago we bought them board games (chess and scrabble) and so far, it’s making them busy for an hour or two. Scrabble also help them enrich their vocabulary while chess makes them think more.

Arts and Crafts

Buy some paper and some paints and brushes and let them “paint” all they want. You can also encourage them to create post card like art works that you can send to your relatives abroad using international parcel delivery. You can also teach them to make dye shirts since it’s a perfect shirt for this season. Here, almost every Saturday we have our art session and it keeps them busy for the whole afternoon.

Summer Classes

It’s another way to spend summer. Enroll them on Summer Clinics such as MILO Summer Sports Clinics, perfect for kids ages 7-16 years old. They offer 10 different sports: badminton, chess, football, gymnastics, karatedo, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, and volleyball.

You can find a Milo Summer Sports Clinic in different parts of the country:

  • NCR Milo Summer Sports Clinic (Caloocan, Manila, Makati, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Pasig, Quezon)
  • Luzon Milo Summer Sports Clinic (Baguio, Binan, Cavite, Dagupan, Lucena, Malolos, Naga, Tarlac)
  • Visayas Milo Summer Sports Clinic (Bacolod, Iloilo, Tacloban)
  • Mindanao Milo Summer Sports Clinic (CDO, Davao, Gensan, Koronadal, Zamboanga)
  • Milo Summer Sports (Caloocan, Manila, Makati, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Pasig, Quezon)
  • Luzon Milo Summer Spor
Milo Summer Sports Clinic Promo: Participants will get a discount of P100.00 on the registration fee when they submit a 1kg MILO® pack during registration.Visit or call (02) 353-5090, (02) 966-6333, and (0917) 589-9880 to register for any of the sports clinics this summer of 2012.

You can also enroll them on art classes (Global Art) or dance studio if your kid is not into sports.

Mommy is blogging while breastfeeding. For typo errors, comment here and let me know :) For wrong grammar.. that, I can't do something about. I admit I am no good at it. But comments and suggestions are welcome :)


  1. says

    Great post. I’m defintiely going to hit up all of these. My kids are joining soccer and swimming classes, and they’re Monopoly freaks, too.

    If I may add, if you go to a church that has a youth/children’s ministry, my strong suggestion is that you have your kids attend your church’s summer camps as well. Here’s my article about our church’s:

  2. says

    I love Phineas and Ferb too (more than my kiddo does, I think). I think the pool is a great idea for the summer because it’s just so hot here in the Philippines! And we don’t want out kids to overheat :)

  3. cheryle amores says

    gud day..i just want to ask where can i inquire for you MILO to sponsor a summer clinic for in a confronternity council,and we are having our anniversary this May 2013..we are planning to have a summer workshop clinic for the kids..we want to open the interest of the kids in sports ,as part of our 1 week celebration. And we are asking for your help as MILO is well known in summer sports clinic..hoping for your reply ,,thank you!

  4. Emerson T. Diaz says

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I would like to enroll my sons aged 4 and 6 in this MILO summer activities. Please tell me how and how much.

    Emerson Diaz

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