Responsible Parenting: What Is Right And Wrong On Child Photography?

I am not talking about what is right and wrong in terms of photography as arts, I am talking about photography in terms of the right of the child. I am not saying I am an expert on this subject as I have know little about rules in photography. All I know is,

  • if it is in public place you can take photos of it,
  • if it is in private place, it is the owner’s discretion if they want to photograph it or not (as in the case of malls etc)
  • you  can take photos of public places though, as long as you’re in public place (or I maybe wrong with this)
  • that law enforcers has no right to take your camera

When it comes to photographing people, it’s vague for me, all I know is, if it is an event, it’s OK to take photos of anyone present during the said event (please correct me if I am wrong).. when it comes to posting or publishing the photos, I think that’s another case and another set of rules. Asking permission if it is OK to post/publish it is I think the rule of thumb.

When it comes to our kids, what is right and wrong? can we post almost every cute photos our kids have?

I think not. As a responsible parents, we have to choose what we post and what we should NOT post specially on social networking sites. This is my opinion and some of you may agree and some may not (and I do welcome your comments and insight on this topic), but here’s my rule of thumb when posting photos of my kids:

  • Nudity is a N0-No may it be the boys and specially my little girl. I do post photos of my boys on trunks and other swimwear but never post any photos of them showing their private parts. As for my little princess, I am more careful on posting her photos.. any pose that looks suggestive or any pose that might expose a bit too much of her body is a no-no (the last two piece she had when she was a year old, after that, no more 2 piece for her)
  • Insinuating and Suggestive pose (as mentioned above) is something that I will not pose.. now how do you define a suggestive pose? well I think it is up to you as a parent to determine that.
  • 10 years from now? what? before I post photos of my kids, I usually ask myself that question.. I know they’re cute and adorable specially on wacky pose but 10 years from now, would they hate me for posting their photos? or would they thank me for not flaunting it?

Somethings are really cute, specially when captured, but we are not just after on cuteness.. as parents, it is the welfare of our kids that is the most important.

How about you? What’s your limitation in taking photos of your kids and posting it? 

Mommy is blogging while breastfeeding. For typo errors, comment here and let me know :) For wrong grammar.. that, I can't do something about. I admit I am no good at it. But comments and suggestions are welcome :)


  1. says

    Yes, indeed we have to be responsible enough to know what we post online, for the public to see. Especially if it’s our kids’ welfare that we need to think of.

  2. says

    ang galing mo talaga nay! ikaw na talaga! tamang tama ang lahat ng sinabi mo. kaya ako, nag iingat din sa mga photos na ina upload ko :)

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      :) mahirap na no, baka paglaki ng mga anak natin eh magalit sa atin kaya dapat think and think before you upload hahaha

  3. says

    I very much agree with this. If we want other people to respect our children, we the parents must be the first ones to do so. Ang hirap pa naman sa social media, once na upload mo na,hindi na completely mabubura kasi somebody may have already copied or downloaded it.

  4. says

    Meron akong nabasa minsan na proud yung mommy sa success ng potty training ng child nya,ok na sana and I’m happy for both momma and child kaya lang pati yung (alam mo na) kinunan ng picture(>_<)Nag message ako sa madir nung bata kung pwede tanggalin nya yung post kasi naawa ako sa bata,detailed pa pati size nung ebak(sowi for the term).Ayun,first time akong na-block,pakialamera daw kase ako lolz!


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