Kindercare’s 100% BPA Free Feeding Bottles

BPA or Biphenol A is a chemical compound used to make plastic, inducing feeding bottles. Studies have found that infants should not be exposed to BPA as it can lead to health issues connected to their developing neurological and endocrine system (source). Kindercare having the passion for bringing top performance products into every family’s home launches 100% BPA Free Feeding Bottles and Liquid Silicone nipples.

Kindercare‘s focus has always been performance and function, hence you wouldn’t see any fancy designs on their products and now with their 100% BPA free products, parents can be assured that only the best is given to their children.

With the assurance of BPA free bottles comes 100% liquid silicone nipples. A kind of silicone nipples which proves to be safer for the babies. It is more durable too. KinderCare uses only liquid silicone nipples on their feeding bottles.


Aside from 100% BPA free feeding bottles with liquid silicone nipple, KinderCare also offer baby products such as baby towel, nail clipper, bottle cleaner and bottle sterilizer.

KinderCare is available at SM Department stores and leading baby stores.

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