Hawk Trolley Bag (6 wheel trolley) Review

uh, well, he said he really needs a bigger bag and seeing how he struggles putting all his books and other stuff inside his old bag, I just have to say yes. Mico got his new rubber shoes anyway(shopped at Zalora, different blog post) so, it is just fair to buy a new bag for Kuya.

I am quite impressed with Hawk 6 wheel trolley bag.. I must commend the sales representative at SM, they really know their products well and explained every details I need to know.. and convinced me that Hawk trolley 6 wheel bag is what my son needs. But no, we didn’t bought his bag from SM, Robinsons Galleria is friendlier for us, less people, smaller shopping area (with 4 kids, trust me, you wouldn’t survive an hour or two at Megamall LOL?

The 6 wheel trolley bag is different from your usual bag, well, because it has 6 wheels (oh there you go captain obvious haha).. so what advantage does 6 wheel trolley bag has over the more popular 2 wheeled trolley bag? This:

The trolley bag with 6 wheels can be pushed or pulled sideways too, making the bag easier to maneuver compared to a 2 wheeled trolley bag. This Hawk 6 wheel trolley bag is worth PhP3,799, not bad, considering Hawk is a trusted name when it comes to bag.

The bag is big enough to accommodate 20 books. It’s spacious and my son said it is easier to arrange his school stuff.

Aside from the size, the bag includes a cover bag, specially useful during rainy days:

The bag comes with 2 detachable side pockets (perfect for snacks and water bottle), it also comes with a free bottle water.

Given the price tag, I’m expecting that this bag will last until he graduates from Elementary.


In a thank you letter he wrote (school activity) he mentioned the bag not just once.. it only shows how much he appreciates the bag.. good decision on buying this one.


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  1. says

    I saw this in department stores and also one of my nursery students before who has a lot of stuff that needs to be brought to school. I think this is quite a sturdy one. The most important thing is the rain cover for rainy days.

  2. says

    Justin has a similar bag, but he’ll use it only on days he’ll be bringing more books than usual. One thing I really like about these trolley bags is you can drive them sideways, so our kids won’t have a hard time maneuvering them, plus they’re spacious. The money you spent for this bag is really worth it.

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      hehe saktong sakto lang talaga.. nate tempt na tuloy ako bilhan si Diko.. mas madali din ayusin ang gamit sa bag na yan

  3. ariza mae amay says

    How will I clean her trolley bag?! I mean, can I wash it with detergent powder and water then brush it?!


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