What’s Your Funky Fish Style?

Funky Fish is the way you express individuality and freedom, as intensely as you choose, by designing your own style.

Now is the time to celebrate youth.

Say what you think, and the world will listen. Invent your funky self.

Who do you want to be?

Youth daw? I guess I am still included in the youth category.. young at heart, pwede?

I had a few errands in Makati last week and while killing time, I had the chance to visit Funky Fish in Glorietta.

Funky Fish Philippines Store

because I’m a hippie in my past life (I believe this is my 4th life.. weird eh?), my best bet is the Funky Boho collection. That’s the good thing about Funky Fish, with their 5 different style, anyone can wear their own style.

  • Pop: the sweet popular girl, who gets invited to all the parties!
  • Diva: glamorous, shiny, her presence will always be felt…
  • Chic: a hipster, knows how to combine the old and the new and discover the next trend…
  • Boho: spiritual and bohemian, comfortable and close to nature
  • Punky: a bit of a rebel, likes lots of black and metal and really, truly rocks

During my store visit, some accessories were on sale:

I didn’t got the chance to shop, bitin sa oras! Ang hirap mamili hahaha

But I think I will be checking out this section on my next visit:

Malapit na ang pasko no :)

Hmm.. magandang idea yan for a blog post di ba? 10 Fun and Funky Christmas Gifts

Have you tried shopping at any Funky Fish Store? Check Funky Fish Philippines Facebook Page for their latest collections and updates.

Funky Fish Philippines Store Locations:

Ground Level

Ground level, Pedro Gil Wing Robinsons Place Manila Pedro Gil St., Malate Manila Philippines

Upper Ground floor, Unit 902 Ayala Fairview Terraces Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines

Wellworth Department Store Ayala Fairview Terraces Quezon City, Philippines

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