Wingstop Glorietta 2 Is Now Open!

The Flavor Experts are now in Glorietta 2!

When they say they are the flavor experts, I was skeptical. In my mind, I know I can only enjoy my wings, buffalo style.. oh boy, I was wrong! I never thought chicken wings could be this flavorful.

I got to try Wingstop nine chicken wings flavors during the launch of Wingstop Glorietta 2 branch. And out of all the nine flavors, I love the Hickory Smoked BBQ and Hot Buffalo.

The Hickory Smoked BBQ is smoky sweet while the Hot Buffalo offers just the right amount of hotness. They said that the Atomic is the bomb! It is voted as #1 Flavor at the Buffalo Wing Festival. Honestly, I am not that much of a fan of spicy food but there’s no harm in trying no? So I tried the Atomic flavor and waaaaaah it was not called atomic for nothing! The flavor explodes in your mouth but it’s the kind of explosion that you would like! One explosion is my limit though!

Buti na lang, Wingstop prepared a lot of drinks!

Trivia! Trivia! Did you know that Wingstop CHicken Wings is the biggest in the country? In fact, you would think it was a drumstick rather than a wing part, ganun kalaki!

Other must try flavors (but I suggest you try it all!):

Cajun is really spicy but it lingers longer on my lips, so if you like that kind of spiciness, go for Cajun.

And if you love sweet, Teriyaki is the best for you. It’s the lowest on the hot scale so it the most child friendly (except if you’re kids are like my kids who snacks on chili LOL)

Louisiana Rub is very tasty, not to mention, very crispy!

Wingstop also offers fries in different flavors! Sabi sa inyo eh, when it comes to flavors, Wing Stop is the expert.

More photos during the opening:

“Kumare Club” invades Wingstop


Check out Wingstop Facebook Page! May new flavor that’s currently on tour on their 9 branches!The #MangoHabanero flavor! I wanna try!!!!!!

Wingstop Branches (as of now):


COMING SOON: UP Town Center, Quezon City

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