Lock & Lock Says Hello Kitty

eh kailangan ng prinsesa ng bagong baunan.. because the I one I got her, masyadong malaki :) I can’t find the perfect size for her.. made me wish na sana merong Lock & Lock na bagay sa kanya.. and then My Mom Friday shared Lock&Lock Hello Kitty collection!

WHAT?!? be careful what you wish for ang drama!

And there’s a Lock & Lock store in Eastwood Mall! wooohoo!

Lock & Lock Eastwood store is located at Eastwood Mall, 3rd floor, just beside the escalator.

I didn’t know they were on sale since my only interest is Hello Kitty.. but I end up buying baunan for my boys.

Hello Kitty collections are not included on the sale.. e ano naman? who can resist baunans as cute as these:

The pretty princess wants everything!!! I promised her I’ll buy the storage boxes pag may sarili na syang room (hopefully next year! hihi) CAn you imagine that? Hello Kitty overload!

Here’s what we got for her:

Lock & Lock Hello Kitty small food container (200 PhP more or less) and Lock & Lock Hello Kitty BPA free water bottle (300+ PhP).









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