2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Game

So, how many of your FB friends got pregnant? Seems like a baby boom huh? earlier than the expected 50 shades’ baby boom.

Here’s the reason behind those “pregnant” Facebook status:

Hahahahaha You should not have liked or commented! Now you have to pick one of the 14 below and post as your status. This is the 2014 breast cancer awareness game. Don’t be a poor sport; choose your poison, and change your status: 1) Damn diarrhea! 2) Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket! 3) Anyone have a tampon? I’m out! 4) How do you get rid of foot fungus? 5) Why is nobody around when I’m horny? 6) No toilet paper! Goodbye socks! 7) Someone offered me a job as a prostitute, but I’m hesitant… 8)I think I’m in love with someone. What should I do? 9) I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear. 10) It’s confirmed…I’m going to be a daddy/mommy. 11) I really don’t know how to tell anyone and I’m sick of hiding it…I’m gay. 12) Guess it was to good to be true…I’m pregnant! 13) I just won $1000 on a scratch off! 14) I’ve just found out I’ve been cheated on for the past five months. Post with no explanations. 

What was that?!? 2014 breast cancer awareness game?!?

I was not aware! I mean, those status does not even made me think of breast cancer.. how is this related to breast cancer or creating awareness against it? Enlighten me please!

What do you think? Does it really help in raising awareness? NOT! How does posting those status can help breast cancer when you can’t explain those status.

Those status are actually offending, specially the “Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket.”

SERIOUSLY?!? You just did that to raise awareness for breast cancer? Oh come on! Can you imagine yourself saying that to someone who lost her boobs due to breast cancer?

If you want to take part in raising awareness for breast cancer, here are some websites that you should visit:

Breast cancer campaign 2014
Understanding Breast Cancer
Facts and myths about ‘breast cancer’ that every Filipina should know (Hello Ruth!)
Avon Philippines Breast Cancer Crusade

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