Linggo Ng Wika Costumes

August is Buwan ng Wika while most schools celebrate Linggo ng Wika on the third week of August, Friday of that week being the highlight of the celebration. Students are asked to come to school wearing costumes of Historical figures such as our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal or Andres Bomifacio. Parents on the other hand bring camcorders to record this historical event.. as this is the only time that the kids get to wear something like that. For the past 2 years, I was lucky that my son was designated either as Apolinario Mabini or Francisco Balagtas, and finding a costume is easy. Barong Tagalog sits right there on their closet. This year, it’s a bit different because my son and my nephew was tasked to be Lapu Lapu and Antonio Luna…

I searched for Lapu Lapu (half of the search result is Lapu Lapu dish) and Juan Luna and this is the clearest that I got:


Good thing I have a gold malong here, I can use it for the Lapu Lapu costume. We can also use an old shirt to serve as his chaleco (orange or red). As for the sword, a good old carton box can do the trick.

Antonio Luna’s costume is hard to find.. it’s a military attire and where can we look for a military attire for 6 year old kids? Unless I want a custom maid, which can be damaging to my pocket. I am thinking of browsing my favorite thrift stores to look for a small miliary inspired jacket then we’ll just patter it to Antonio Luna’s costume.

Here are some Linggo ng Wika costume idea:

Dr. Jose Rizal

 As you can see, Dr Jose Rizal is wearing an old type of suit and his hair is swept in a very neat manner. You can also add a hat for Dr Jose Rizal costume.

Balagtas/ Fracisco Baltazar

A Barong Tagalog with Chinese Colar is all you need for Francisco Baltazar costume. A decorative laurel leaves on the side of the head will complete the look.

Emilio Aguinaldo

Emilio Aguinaldo’s costume is another hard to find costume but with the popularity of Aguinaldo being the first president of the country, I am sure you can find a costume in Divisoria. Antonio Luna and Emilio Aguinaldo both wears military costume but the difference is Emilio Aguinaldo has a sash.

Andres Bonifacio


As you can see, Andress Bonifacio also wears the same suit as that of Jose Rizal but in most films and representation, Andres Bonifacio is simply wearing a Kamesa de Chino with a red neckerchief. So when looking for an Andres Bonifacio costume, white Kamesa de chino will do, just don’t forget the red neckerchief.

Juan Luna

Juan Luna also wear suit but his distinct look is his beard.. so when wearing a Juan Luna costume, don’t forget the beard.

Melchora Aquino

Melchora Aquino costume should be baro’t saya, no more, no less.

Diego Silang

Diego Silang costume should always include the old salako and of course an itak on his back. You can use an old shirt anfd cut the sleeves to make a Diego Silang costume.

Gabriela Silang

Gabriela Silang costume is a long skirt and a long sleeves tops with a long band on her hair.


Photo Credits:
Antonio Luna
Jose Rizal
Francisco Baltazar
Emilio Aguinaldo
Andres Bonifacio
Juan Luna
Melchora Aquino
Diego Silang
Gabriela Silang

Mommy is blogging while breastfeeding. For typo errors, comment here and let me know :) For wrong grammar.. that, I can't do something about. I admit I am no good at it. But comments and suggestions are welcome :)


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    This year my kids’ costume will be something related to the Kadayawan Festival… 😀 I am stumped, I have yet to consult my bff, google.. 😛 LOL

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    when I was a kid..I dreamed to be a national hero..Linggo ng Wika helps children to remember our own history because the power of technology nowadays makes young forget the past…Im so proud of our native heroes..Non-compares…

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    Two female students were browsing the internet for Linggo ng Wika costume and they had difficulty searching. I suggested a Filipiniana design but then one immediately quips: “Hindi yan, yung pang sosyal na Filipiniana”. hehehe.. in my mind, “yung mini skirt o long gown na filipiniana ang gusto mo?”. I don’t know if they find what they’re looking for on the net because I leave them alone. :)


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