The New K-12 Grading System: The Meaning of A, P, AP, D and B

With the implementation of K-12 system in our education, the Grade 1 students of SY 2012-2013 are the ones most affected. They have a new curriculum, with a priority on mother tongue and less on English as well as a new grading system. I am not familiar with the computation of the grades or if there are changes on that, but what I am familiar with is thew new values written on the report cards.

So what does A, P, AP etc. really means?  

When I went to school to get my son’s report card, that is what written on the black board ^

For grades 90 and above, A  (Advanced) will be reflected on the report card

P (Proficient) for grades 5-89

AP (Approaching Proficiency) for grades 80-84

D (Developing) for 75- 79

B (Beginning) for 74 and below

Of course, as a parent seeing those letter on the report card, you want to know what is your child’s exact grade.. right? Good thing, you can ask the teachers to show you their grades in numbers.

As for character, they also have a new grading system:

The new curriculum for K-12 is still new to me.. specially I heard that they will soon be using new books.. I am still at lost on what to teach/ tutor my first grader.. specially now that second quarter is fast approaching.

How about you fellow moms, how’s your first graders so far?

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    Thea’s grades for the first quarter are P’s and APs. :) Their school is still using the old rating for character though which is from letter A to D.

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    my first-born is in second year HS while my younger son is in the 5th grade…they’re still using the old grading system in their respective schools…I hope the implementation of the new system of teaching and grading will eventually be successful :-) blessed day to you :-) thank you for sharing your thoughts, this reminded me to ask my kiddo’s teachers about any upcoming changes in their grading system the next time I get their report cards :-)

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    I don’t have first grader, but i have 5th grader..their grading system is different I think because the A+ is 92-100..not lucky are those with K12 grading system because they could get A if the grade is only 90.. but I guess the lessons are harder..I don’t know.. I’m glad I’m no longer a teacher or else I have to adjust again and change the formula on how to rate the grade, that’s a pain in the you know what.. It’s been a long ago since the last time I calculated the grades :)

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    As a parent, the first thing that came into my mind about this new curriculum is the additional expenses. But if they say it’s for our children’s own good, then will support it with all my heart.

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    I’ve heard about this new K-12 grading system from my former peers. Ang usual remarks daw ng mga parents. “Nakakalito”. how much more for the young graders? Ah, period of adjustments for parents/teachers/students.

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    I find it a total contradiction that they’d want the younger generation to be globally competitive but they’ve overhauled the educational system with the use of the native tongue. Oh well. I’ll answer my own bewilderment. Everything begins in our own language. I can only hope the new system will work effectively for the grade-schoolers.

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    I am also confused with this K12, I even asked my daughter’s teacher if she can still graduate this year for grade 6 good thing she said otherwise I have to buy another set of uniforms for my eldest because she a little bit outgrown her uniform already.

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    i think it is only the letter grade that is changed since their is still a scale that is followed and usually parents can still access the % grade if they ask for it.

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    The school where my little sis go (she’s in grade one) still uses the old grading system.

    i think the new one’s a bit confusing for me! 😀

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    geez! why did they change that? its like that here in US. and its very hard for parents specially me because i dont know exactly the standing of my kid. sometimes they just put Star and if there is incorrect answer they will just put minus. i dont like it at all.

  11. Arnel says

    what will be the letter to be used if the grade is 89.50? would it be A for advanced or P fro proficient?

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