Kidney Stone Symptoms, Home Remedy Treatment and Shock Wave Treatment (cost of ESWL in the Philippines)

I have been experiencing cramps on my lower abdomen and all along I thought it was just a menstrual cramps. Then 2 days after Christmas (at 3 in the morning), I experienced a sharp pain on my lower abdomen, right part and it goes down to my foot. Knowing that we have history on appendicitis (my sister had her appendix removed, my maternal grandmother died from appendix rapture), I woke my husband and told him to bring me to the hospital. The diagnosis was Kidney Stones and I was given 2 kinds of med to drink for one week. I was given Rowatinex and Acalka. Rowatinex smells like olive oil, well it has olive oil (so does it means the Kidney Stones Home Remedy Treatment or natural treatment for kidney stones that involves olive oil is effective?).. and it does not taste good. Acalka is a big tablet and really hard to swallow. The tablet is not digested and you can see it in your feces.. as whole as it is. Readings said that though the tablet is not soluble, the active ingredient has been released in gastrointestinal tract (which maybe the cause of slight gastrointestinal disorders).

After my medication, I went to a Urologist for follow ups and to see if the kidney stone/s are gone. My urologist, Dr Hector Jacinto, advised for a CT Scan. My kidney’s swelling based on my Ultrasound but there was no stones found.. the CT Scan result was ureterolithiasis or stone/s in the ureter. And not only that, the stone formed is too big for medication, I need to undergo Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)  or shock wave for short, a no surgery treatment for kidney stones. It’s a bit shocking for me.. no. I was shocked big time! I need another week to accept the fact that I need the procedure. I was scheduled for a shock wave at Urology Center of the Philippines* a few days after I said yes.

minutes before the procedure, had to remove my pink lipstick :) 

The procedure was not that stressful as I expected. I did not need to be stained since the stone can be seen clearly. The whole Shock Wave procedure took about 2 hours, which includes anesthesia, X-ray and shock wave (30-45 minutes). After the procedure I was expecting that my right back would hurt, because they said that the shock wave is like Pacman’s punch times 1000 (aw!). Good thing it was not the case, I was asleep during the procedure and they woke me up after it was done where I was transferred to the recovery room. After an hour or two, we went home and got my cup of Frappe. Dr Jacinto prescribe 5 meds, one for pain management (2 days only), antibiotics (can’t remember but I think I took it for 5 days) and 3 for the stone management (took for a month, 3x a day). There’s Rowatinex and Acalka and Sambong.  And I also need to drink 3L of water a day and should not hold my pee… that’s quite hard for me..but hey I did it! and I am already accustomed to drinking that much water.

It’s been 3 months since my Shock Wave treatment and my last ultrasound showed no signs of swelling, but I still need to undergo CT Scan to make sure that I am Kidney stone free.

And now, let’s get on to the technical terms.

What is Kidney stone? This is a solid formation on the kidney that usually cause by minerals on our diet. It is classified based on the location: kidney> nephrolithiasis, ureter >ureterolithiasis or bladder >cystolithiasis. And also classified based on the stone component: Calcium containing or uric acid.

What are the Symptoms of kidney Stones? from my experience, sine what I had was ureter stone, there was a cramp on my lower abdomen as well as my foot. But one of the most Kidney Stone symptom is back ache, the kind of back ache where the feeling was heavy (or ngawit). Other symptoms are changes in urine pattern as well as blood in the urine.

What causes Kidney Stones? This can be caused by the minerals on our diet such as calcium and uric acid. In my case, since I did not drink enough water and loves to eat food high in uric acid (hello isaw), that’s where I got it.. I think. You will know what kind of stones you got by collecting stone samples and having it examined.

Treatment for Kidney Stones. Depending on the size of the stones, it can be treated through medication or shock wave treatment. Kidney Stone Home  treatments suggest live oil and lemon juice to treat it. Lemon juice (as some of my readings suggest) will help in breaking the stones so that it can pass through, where as Olive oil aides in passage. Medication includes Acalka and Rowatinex and usually administered for 1 month.

Shock Wave treatment or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)  is done when the size of the stone is 6cm up. High energy sound waves are used to break the stones into smaller pieces and making it easy to move through the ureter and out of your the body (through urine).

How much is Shock Wave Treatment in the Philippines? My treatment cost was around 38,000 PhP based on the package that our HMO approved. And I am just so glad that Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) was included on our health card (so thanks to my hubby’s company for providing such). When I asked the staff the Urology Center how much it usually cost, they did not give figures, so I am guessing the usual cost is around 38-50K PhP depending on the HMO and the doctor. Now I am not sure if it cost lower or higher if you will be the one paying it.

ESWL treatment room 

Guide To ESWL Treatment (I am posting some tidbits from the readings they gave me when I had my ESWL treatment):

  • No aspirin for two weeks, no alcohol for 24 hours and no food 8 hours prior to appointment.
  • Day of the appointment, do not drink anything, no make- up (that I did not know, yes I come in full battle gear LOL), no nail polish and no jewelries.
  • Patient should be on the center one hour before the appointment and should have one companion at least (you’ll be groggy and sleepy after the procedure)
  • Procedure is 30-90 minutes (depends on the size of stone), anesthesia is given. This is an outpatient procedure.
  • Pain is manageable but patient may feel sore due to passage of stone. Patient may have slight fever, beyond 38C see your doctor.
  • Stone particles: strain urine for a week to save stone fragments for stone analysis.
  • Bloody urine is expected for a day or two.
  • Normal activities can be resumed after a day but patient can’t drive for 24 hours.
  • Diet will depend on the stone analysis.

DIET FOR kidney stone patient:

  •  For Uric Acid Stones: 

Moderation: poultry, Sea food (crabs, oyster, eel, shrimp), Vegetables (asparagus, spinach, mushroom, cauliflower), beverage, Fats, Legumes, Meat, Mar soups and broth, Oatmeal, Butter, Maragarine

Limited Amounts: Mussels, meat extracts, Internal organs (liver, pancreas, kidney>>> goodbye chicken liver!!), sardines, patis, yeast, Nuts, Anchovies, Brains (what?!? I can no longer b a Zombie!), Gravies, Herring, Mackerel, Balut and Beer

  • For Calcium Stones: 

Limited Amounts: Green leafy vegetables, Calcium- fortified juices, whole, low fat, buttermilk, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, ice cream sherbet, custard, pudding, cream, cream soups, sweet potatoes, tofu, quick cooking cereal and quick breads, Sardines, fish canned with bones, dried beans, cheese, Food rich in saturated fats like bacon, kropek, sitsaron, whole nuts and peanut butter… and CHOCOLATES!

*Urology Center of the Philippines map:


Urology Center of the Philippines is at Maginoo street, Quezon City. If you are coming from EDSA, turn at East Avenue then turn right at Matalino Street (street right after Philippine Heart Center), go straight until the last street before Kalayaan Ave.. Maginoo street is right after Masikap. Turn right at Maginoo street and go straight until almost dead end, turn right and you will see Urology Center of the Philippines. When you turn at Maginoo Street, you will wonder if there is really a Urology center there as the road looks as if you’re inside a village.. but yes there is… and this is how it looks:

How can Kidney Stones prevented? Check the foods that you eat, avoid salty food and drink lots of water, 2-3 L of water a day is your road to a healthy kidney!

Mommy is blogging while breastfeeding. For typo errors, comment here and let me know :) For wrong grammar.. that, I can't do something about. I admit I am no good at it. But comments and suggestions are welcome :)


  1. says

    No way! Kidney stones can grow up to that large?!?! Yikes!

    I experienced those symptoms also. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go through any medical procedures. Apparently, it passed through my system on its own.

  2. says

    Is-cary, sis! You’re a brave one. My mom had this operation a few years ago. That made her quit smoking… somehow, which is good. Take care!

  3. says

    good for you that you survived on your kidney stone therapy. thanks for the info about home remedy. will keep this in mind as my back has unexplainable back aches lately.

  4. Jeanne says

    Hello, everyone! I have stocks of Acalka and Rowatinex for sale. For Acalka, it’s original and manufactured by: Ferrer Internacional from Barcelona, Spain and locally imported by Patriot Pharmaceuticals. For Rowatinex, it is from Rowa Pharmaceuticals of Ireland. Sorry but only for Philippine residents only. I have many stocks available (free mailing via courier) at almost half the price compared to the drugstore prices. Acalka for P10/tablet or P300 per bottle and Rowatinex at P12/cap or P120 per pad of 10 capsules or P1,200 per box of 100’s. Expiry dates are still Aug/Sept 2013 for Acalka and 2014 for Rowatinex. If interested, please text me at 0918-9627220. I was also diagnosed with kidney stones and talagang stone former so pabalik-balik talaga if I am not careful with my food intake and staying away from those foods with high uric content. Just like everybody else here, Acalka and Rowatinex have been prescribed too and been very effective in making the stones disappear. I just happen to have plenty of stocks than I can manage to take since my stones have disappeared already. Thank you.

  5. says

    hi mommy pehpot. i’ll be having my eswl later today at ucpi. you are right, the package depends on the HMO. i have to shell out 4k plus for philhealth part because I’m an inactive philhealth member but hubby’s still working to get me covered on that. hope they give me a discount, haha. so far i like what i’m seeing at UCPI. we’ll see later after the treatment. thanks for sharing your experience with them, this post helped me a lot on deciding what to do or where to go for the treatment. happy holidays!

  6. judith says

    i already have plenty of kidney stones in both side and it needs immediate operation. i just wanna ask for help, if somebody could please tell me a hospital in south central mindanao, philippines offering a shock wave treatment.


  7. says

    naku super hypochondria na nman yata ako. i have a terrible backache as far as i can remember. then, i have this tendency to hold my pee that at times i feel pain sa lower back – sign that i watch kasi dun daw ang kidney s. we need tlga to change our lifestyle – diet and all.
    it’s good that you have hmo or else ul pay more.
    btw, how about kidney institute? or, mahirap dun?

  8. says

    Wow! That’s one HUGE stone! :( My mom has gall bladder stones and will undergo operation next year. I want her to go through natural processes first so I’m seeking ways. I read a lot about apple cider vinegar and will let her try it! I don’t want her to go to operations like these. :(

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      aww sana makuha naturally… for kidney stones, I found out cogon grass can do wonders.. not sure with gall bladder stones

  9. Rose says

    Mam Mary Narvasa, just wanna ask question as to what natural ways you do for your mom on her case. My husband has 2.2 mm stone on the bladder too.

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      Hello Rose!

      Ang ginamit ko dun sa sumunod nba kidney stones ko (di ko pa kase naba blog eh), cogon juice.. ung cogon sabi nila nabibili sa quiapo un, grass lang sya pero sobrang effective nya :)

      lalaga mo lang ung roots or stems nung damo then iinumin ng pasyente, kung kaya ng 1 L a day mas maganda :)

  10. says

    Hi! Omg. I’m so stressed lately when I found out JUST TWO WEEKS AGO that I have kidney stone. The worst thing about that is I don’t know what kind of stone is it and it is just too stressful because I tend to overthink and get stressed about the food that I ate, eat and I will eat. I feel guilty about everything! My colleagues are giving me the worst case scenarios that it can kill me, I’ll get a very large stitch, I can’t dance anymore (which really scares the hell out me because if there’s something that i’ll be scared of, it’s prohibiting me from physical activities. My stone is 1.12cm when it was detected and they told me it grows fast. That’s why I took Re Leaf (the sambong capsule) and too many water. Just like you I don’t drink that much. It really gets me so stressed. Should I be worried about it? :(

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      what did your doctor said? worst case I know is you need to undergo shockwave.. don’t worry too much and drink lots of water :)

      • says

        I just had another urinalysis this Wednesday. Prior to this, they told me I have kidney stone because of the number of red blood cells (which is 35-40) I have in my urine and due to the stabbing pain that won’t just make me sleep. So this Wednesday I had my urinalysis (as I was saying HEHE). It was such a good news when the results say I only have 0-2 rbc. So we assumed it was gone. But should I be letting it pass just like dat? The doctor said “Based on the results, we can assume that the stone passed”. The Sambong meds helped me but I stopped it….Or should I not?

      • says

        Hi I have kidney stone too and it’s my 4th time this time both kidney base as CT scan panakang nakang bato pero ma’s marami sa kanan offer as akin ng doctor shockwaves sabi q maliliit lang pero marami di pa cya nagdidikit dikit try KO muna sa gamot name sstreess na nga ako pag nakahiga at nakatagilid ramdam na ramdam mo mabigat yun sa may kidney part

        • Mommy Pehpot says

          Marvie I discovered a very effective way to treat Kidney stones!! Buy cogon grass and make a tea out of it and drink it for a week :)

    • Citrate says

      For kidney stones less than 5mm (0.5cm), increase oral fluid intake at least 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily, and medical treatment such as potasium citrate (Acalka) (Tascit), Rowatinex, or Ural can help. Diet modification is also warranted. For stones more than 5mm-20mm (0.5-2cm) Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (Shockwave) is warranted since reviews from clinical trial revealed that stones with these size have relatively lower chance of medical dissolution or expulsion. For bigger stones, such as staghorn, there are other minimally invasive surgical methods that can remove these stones. Open surgery is the last option.

  11. marlon says

    Ask po last oct po nagpaultrasound husband q may 4cm sya kidney stone naggamot po sya ng 1month…ung latest nya nag 2to 3cm nlang po nag scaterd n po sya..need pa po na i shock wave un…thanks po..and god bless

  12. says

    You are a strong woman indeed Mommy Pehpot.
    I am so glad that the surgery was successful and I wish you a very strong health for the rest of your life.
    Stay well.

  13. says

    Kidney stone affects some people above 30 years old. You really correct. Lacking drinking mineral water and lack of exercise. I would boorkmark this article for future reference. Thank for good share

    • says

      I am from Texas. I have had kidney stones (CaOx) since age 18 (1969) until age 53 (2004). I got on a prescription and have not had them since 2004. See my website which has a book that’s helpful. I found nephrologist in Austin, TX who got me the prescription.

  14. lyn says

    I’m 6month pregnant And I found a kidney stones when I wash mine. My OB gave me Sambong n Acalka. My urine is blood in color. I found out that the Sambong capsule not digested, coz I still found on my feces as a whole capsule. Why is it not digested? Why my urine is still blood in color for almost a month?

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      nag pa check up na po ba kayo sa Urologist? I think it would be better kung papa check up kayo sa specialist :) and Sambong is not digested po talaga, dumadaan lang sya sa kidney

  15. says

    last January I was diagnosed medullary neprocalcinoses it’s high calcium in the blood na nagpeklat na sa both kidney more on the right according to neprologist which is for life na I’m so much pain na wala naman stones lalo na sa right side I’m in maintenance meds na for life. hayyy life I have 3 children and my youngest is 1 di q cla maalagaan dahil time to time ang pain, 2 doctors na ang pinuntahan KO lagi nila sinasabi neprocalcinoses ay walang pain pero bakit ako sobrang pain kahit walang stones

    • says

      Nephrocalcinosis will not cause pain. What diagnostic modality was used? Ultrasound ba or ct stonogram? Ultrasound is not that accurate for stones most especially kung nasa ureter na. And madaming pwedeng cause ng flank pain other than stone

  16. philip says

    mam, nakuha ba ng isang session yung sakit nyo sa bato sa urether? kase sa case ng wife ko 3x na kami nagpa shockwave walang changes…anu pa po mga ginawa nyo?


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