Primary Complex Symptoms: Signs That Your Kids Are Suffering From Primary Complex

Primary Complex is a form of Tuberculosis in children. If the kids are exposed to an adult with a Tuberculosis, they might be infected too. Primary Complex is not contagious among children. A child diagnosed with PC can still play and socialize with other kids. 

Tuberculosis is a very common disease here in the country and if you think your baby is suffering from PC, please read and see if they are experiencing the symptoms below:

Primary Complex Symptoms: Signs That Your Kids Are Suffering From Primary Complex

  1. The number one sign is weight loss or the kid not gaining weight. You have tried every weight gaining technique. Tried all the pampagana meds and even tried Heraclene but to no avail.
  2. Coughs that is recurrent is another sign and no amount of Antibiotics can put that cough away.
  3. Some says that fever at night is another sign.
  4. Some says that irritability and crying for no reason most of the time is another sign.
  5. Another sign of PC is the kids having trouble sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night.

It is very important that you always observe your kids. Keep track of their weight and activity. And if after 6 months and they are still not gaining weight, it’s about time that you discuss it with your Pediatrician.


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  1. mirasol bonifacio says

    Hi mummy phepot..ako nga po pla c mira.28yirs apply po ako sa abroad ngaun patapos na ako ng two yirs..nung ng medical my scar daw sa baga ko..tas sabi nila my tb ako..pero ala nmn po ako nararamdaman o inuubo at cipon..pero ng gamot po ako dtu sa lebanon ng isang buwan.tas po ng paxray ulit ako tas po sabi nila wala nmn daw. Kya ngwork po ako.. Pero worried po ako sa pg uwe ako sa pinas medical ulit ako..pusibilidad po ba ulit na makikita nila scar ko. Saka po my baby po ako na nggamot ng 6month..until now kada buwan po sya nila enject po daw baby ng pang broco..pero d ko pinayagan na ienject nila….what shuold i do….????

  2. geraldine lasam says

    Hi po ang anak ko po ngkaron ng pc, last year ng may cleared n dw po cya sbi ng pedia nya but ang nkakapgtaka po hnd cya tumataba kht n lhat ng vita binigay na po s knya.wala nman po cyang ubo o any symptoms na.anu po kaya bkt hnd cya tumataba?thank you po pls reply..

  3. says

    mommy ask q lng bakit kht nagttreatment na kmi my ubot sipon parin cla..madalas?? and kht mag 6months na cla parang ndi nagggain yun weight nila and payat pa rin tingnan ang son q??

  4. Maureen Ocampo says

    Tanong ko lang po pina checkup ko po ung anak ko tpos sbe po ni doc mag pa xray daw po kme taps mynakita po lulani sa xray dilikado po ba un

  5. leslie m divina says

    hellow po mommy ung anak q po 3 years old cia ng kron cia ng pc after nun bumalik po nnung 5years old npo cia tlga po b bumabalik un tapos po inuubo prin cia kht umiinum na cia gamot n png pc tnx po sana masagot nio po aq

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      bumabalik daw po talaga ang PC lalo na kung hindi nagamot ung adult kung san nahawa ang bata

  6. kathy says

    Hi.. my son was diagnosed of PC last september and after 6 consecutive months of treatment, we repeated his x-ray, unfortunately the radiologist said that the result was the same of the first x-ray, meaning no changes in the 1st result. The pedia of my son said that we need to continue the treatment for another 3 months.Im kinda confused because for the past 6 mons nothing happened in the PC of my son. So I looked for the pedia pulmonary and according to her, if the treatment for the past 6 mons was continous, she thinks that no need for the another 3 months of treatment again.To all moms, what do you think should i do? My son is not really gaining weight and monthly he always have a cough.Im really super worried in him. Thanks in advance.

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      our pedia mentioned that after treating the PC, the xray result will still be the same due to the “scar”

      If you’re still not convinced, why not ask for another opinion :)

  7. says

    Ung anak ko po nong 1 year old p cya may primary…ginamot ng 6 moths…tapos hnd ko cya naka exray pagkatapos naggamot…tapos inubo n nmn cya lagi nung 2 yers na cya…1 yer ung paginum uli ng gamot…nya…at ngaun umulit n nmn 5 yers old n cya now….ano po ang gagawin ko…

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      siguro po dapat alamin nyo kung saan sya nahahawa.. kase kahit mag gamot kayo ng mag gamot kung may kasama naman sya na may TB, mahahawa at mahahawa siya

  8. angie says

    Ask ko lng po kung mahahawahan ng 6yrs old kong anak ung 3months old baby ko?nadiagnosed kc xa khpon n my PC…

  9. angie says

    Ask ko lng po uli,pwede kya pbgo bgo ng sked pginom ng gmot?exmple po e ngaun umga ang paginom then by june ay sa hpon na kc my psok n sa school.hoping ur answer.thanks again in advance.

  10. junil managbanag says

    Hi Mommy Phepot,

    my 1yr and 3 months old baby daughter is slowly gaining weight, we are kinda worried about it. her pedia told us that’s okay because my wife is breastfeeding her, but now we are mixing already. during day time my daughter will have baby formula then at night breast milk. since she’s having formula, weight should increase, right? a couple of weeks ago, we went to her pedia for the anti-pneumonia vaccine and she has a cough that time, and prior to her vaccine we were asked to have our daughter a chest xray, because i noticed that she had a lymph node in her neck, before it was like a corn size now is getting smaller. so she had an xray with cough. and later on went to her pedia for the vaccine. after the vaccine the ext day, her cough was gone. then 3 days after her xray results has arrived and her pedia told my wife that my daughter is suspected to have a primary complex. because they have seen something in her xray, but that she had a cough.

    my question is, is it possible that my daughter can have a primary complex even without a cough? she’s not having any signs of PC except that she slowly gaining weight and the lymph node that is decreasing its size. My baby is very active.

    • Mommy Pehpot says

      I think it’s possible din po pero skin test din po for sure kung meron ba or walang PC si baby

  11. Cindy saladero says

    Hi.po ask lg po sana ako.anu ba symstoms ng pc? Ka c my pedia tel me na mg pa test c baby for pc tska ang baba tlga ng weight nya 1 yr& 10 mnths nxa sya ung weight ya png 7mnths old lg.tpos meron sg kulani as ilalim ng ears nya.worried na tlga ako.sana negative lg po result n baby..thnk u po

  12. Kirsteen Argones says

    Signs din po b ng primary complex or asthma kapag malamig ang pawis ng 5-month old baby? minsan din po pawisin ang ulo nya.

  13. Mhatj says

    Hi po ask q lng po anu po ba ang result na nlabas sa xray pg my pc… ksi mo un anak q wla nman po ubo at sipon kya q lng po pnacheck up kc po my mga kulani sbe ng pedia ipaxray daw nun nxray ang result pnuemonia tpos pna ppd kme ang result positive na may pc xa pro prang hnd aq convince ksi wla xa mga sintomas ptaba at mgana po sya kmain… gus2 mo sna nmen pgpacheck sa ibang dr. Kso po hnd po ba msama na mgpa xray uli

  14. Cindy Iguid says

    hello po my 7months old nadiagnose na my PC negative yung skin test mya pero ung xray nya ung nagpositive…nagwoworry po ako kasi may kulani na tumubo sknya 2 weeks na po at palaki ng palaki at irritable siya gumalaw dahil po siguro sa kulani na nasa baba ng left ear nya di ko na po kasi alam gagawin ko sa tuesday pa ulit ung check up niya…

      • cindy iguid says

        positive daw po pala yung skin test nya at ung xray nya,..nagtatake na po xa ng kid kit 3 sana magtuloy tuloy ung pagaling nya about naman po sa bukol nya palaki padin ng palaki namumulo at nagkakaroon ng nana or mata po

        • Mommy Pehpot says

          Magtutuloy tuloy yan Mommy :) just make sure na hindi ka mag mimiss ng gamot..

          baka pigsa ung bukol nya, hot compress mo Mommy para mabilis gumaling


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